Bling’s Surgery

Anyone that follows my limited Labrador Retriever breeding program knows I was unsuccessful in producing the much anticipated litter from Bling in 2018. I tried again in spring 2019, again with no luck. After that, I made an appointment with a reproduction veterinarian to check her out.

She had an ultrasound, a culture, and blood work. A treatment plan was formulated and I followed it hoping for a successful pregnancy on the next breeding. Despite following progesterone levels carefully, she was not pregnant.

The next step to take was a uterine biopsy. I debated back and forth about it. When breeding on a small scale like I have for over twenty years, a lot depends on one dog, rather than if there are several dogs in a kennel.  Bling is my black/yellow Labrador line that I started with from Hemlock Ridge Labradors (retired now).

So, I went ahead with the biopsy. And now, I’m glad I did. At surgery, Bling was found to have a pyometra, a pus filled uterus. Unusual in a young dog, I was not expecting it. The condition is fatal without intervention. Bling was spayed. She recovered from surgery quickly. I am happy my dog will be healthy and have to accept that that line of dogs is now finished.

I still have my chocolate line of Labradors (one dog, anyway). I am hoping for a black/chocolate litter in 2020.