Orchid’s Checkup


All my animals get yearly checkups. Yes, I see them at home on a daily basis. But, I make it a point to haul them into the hospital every year for a physical examination. I put on my doctor hat and look at their teeth, check their ears, listen to their heart, etc. I really don’t want to find a single thing wrong on ANY pet, but especially my own.

Orchid has retired from competition now. She is a spayed seven year old dog. In addition to her annual heartworm/Lyme screen, she got a wellness blood panel done. Her weight was evaluated and, yes she had gained a few pounds. That’s a simple fix. A bit less food in the bowl should get her back to fighting weight.

I keep up with her maintenance health care including nail clips every two weeks. The nail care is important to keep her feet healthy and reduce her incidence of joint disease as she ages.

She is fairly active, but enjoys a good nap on the couch. She loves to visit a nursing home on a regular basis. My clients often see her as one of the dogs wandering through the practice.

Orchid is a champion Labrador Retriever with performance titles. But, more than that, she is my companion, my pet. She enjoyed being a show dog; she also enjoys retirement. I want her to stay healthy for a long time to come.