Nougat RagaMuffin11012-023
GC BW GPD RW Kaerik Canterbury Nougat
CFA Grand of Distinction
Nougat is the epitome of what a RagaMuffin should be. He is gorgeous, big, sweet, and affectionate.
Nougat won Best Kitten in show at his first ACFA show. He is famous in the RagaMuffin world as he is such an outstanding example of the breed. Nougat completed his CFA Grand Championship in short order, with one judge commenting that he had raised the bar for all RagaMuffins. After his championship career,  Nougat became a Grand Premier!
He was the  top RagaMuffin in the nation 2012/2013 with limited showing.  Nougat was awarded the top RagaMuffin premier in the country for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. In addition, he was an all breed CFA Regional Winner for 2013/2014, 2014/2015. and 2015/2016. He retired from the show ring after earning a Grand of Distinction in spring 2016.
The general public may recognize him from Animal Planet’s Too Cute television show where he appeared with a litter he sired. Nougat may also be recognized from cat litter packaging(along with his son, Ganache) and television commercials.
Nougat has been tested normal for the PKD gene.SC13_098 SC13_101 SC13_103 SC13_114

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