Champion Ruby1

CH Hemlock’s Red Sapphire CGC CDX JH WCI


 1995 – 2005

Ruby was my companion, my first show dog and above all my friend. She greeted life with an enthusiasm that was contagious. She loved people and other animals of all species, especially babies whether they be children, puppies or kittens. She adored the breed ring and field work and just being a dog. I feel so fortunate to have had her in my life.

Ruby, One Terrific Dog



Canterbury Sparkling Diamond JH CD CGC


2002 – 2005

 Sparkle was a dog trainer’s dream. My dog of a life time, her willingness to do anything I asked and her tremendous athletic ability to follow through were unparalleled.

She loved to work, whether it was obedience, field or agility, and was truly bonded to me through that time together.

Sparkle, My Heart Dog



CH Hemlock’s Diamond Dazzler CGC CDX RN WC 



Dazzle defined the meaning of a good dog. She was a wonderful companion, a hard working competition dog and a devoted friend.

A Tribute to Dazzle

wizCH Borador’s Mr. Wizard 


  12/25/00 – 10/3/14

Wizard was the epitome of a sweet, gentle Labrador. His stunning looks were only a small part of his legacy.

Goodbye Wizard


GCH Canterbury’s Pink Orchid Diamond RA CGC



Fancy displays stunning structure and temperament. She had a successful show career , earning her AKC Grand Championship with ease. She retired to live with  Tara and Ela. These days, she is busy attending picnics and parties.




Canterbury’s Golden Jubilee RE BN CGC WC



Jubilee has a high level of trainability along with a super sweet personality. She is now retired and living with Karen, enjoying hikes and play with two other Canterbury Tails dogs.

Why I Love Training My Dogs

Jubilee’s Surprise Performance

Kaerik’s Bon Bon of Canterbury

“Bon Bon”


Bon Bon started my passion for RagaMuffins. He had presence with attitude that compared to none.

Killer Muffin 




CH Canterbury’s Priceless Gem CGC BN CD RE




Visa was all I could want in a dog. Smart , loyal, awesome. Special from the day she was born.


Victory at Last

Photo on left by  by Roxanne Franklin