Labs and Rags

canterburytails-011Canterbury Tails Labradors got its start with my first Labrador Retriever in 1980. Since then, I cannot imagine my life without this breed. I got my first show dog, “Ruby”, in 1995 and I was hooked.

The goal of Canterbury Tails Labradors is to have a small number of quality, well trained Labradors that excel in areas including the show ring, obedience, field work, agility and of course, as pets. Occasionally, puppies are available. Breeding is based on producing temperament, trainability, and health, with beauty.

icandy ragamuffins-011More recently I expanded to include iCandy RagaMuffins. Bon Bon was my first RagaMuffin kitten and again I was hooked on a particular breed. After that, I acquired Nougat, who quickly made his mark in the cat show world as well as in advertising. As they say, cats are like potato chips. More muffins have followed!


Canterbury Tails is an AKC breeder of Merit and iCandy RagaMuffins is a CFA Cattery of Excellence






Member of the Keystone Labrador Retriever Club

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with Orchid and Jubilee

photos by RoxAnne Franklin

with Jubliee and Orchid

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